Intensive Mindfulness Course, two sessions of five hours each, for those who do not find time to approach the discipline over longer periods or have work schedules that prevent them from attending the ordinary courses.


It is a good way to start in Mindfulness, based on the protocols of Jon Kabat Zinn, in which we will present your main concepts and their most significant tools. You can start your practice in everyday life and start using Mindfulness to respond to the autopilot that ends up dominating us on a daily basis.


If you have never meditated, if it is your first approach to Mindfulness, this course will help you to enter the here and now in a practical way, going through all the topics covered by Mindfulness and giving you the basic tools to improve your physical and mental general condition  You will start practicing a discipline that will show you another way to connect with life and relate to the things that surround you.


You will also access audiovisual material that will help you to understand the concepts that Mindfulness manages in a pleasant and clear way, while the sessions will have a high practical content. With this Workshop you can, then, if you wish, access the Open Classroom or continue to deepen Mindfulness in other courses and programs.


In addition, as a participant of the course, you will have freee access to our Library and preferential invitation to the free conferences organized by El Rincón de Mindfulness collaborating with Espacio Takeabreath.


Upcoming Calls

February, Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 | 09.30 am - 2,30 pm

A mid-morning coffee/tea/break is offered at each session.

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